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Texas Vacation: Pictures for All Y’All to Look At

This was probably one of the best Huckeba family reunions ever.

The weather was great (once we got used to the suffocating Texas heat and humidity), Aaron and Kennedy managed to form great gender and age constellations with their cousins (some reunions include much bitterness and gnashing of teeth over who will get to hang out with the cool older cousins, but this year all the cousins seemed to be tipping the cool scales), and Texas holds just the right mix of unhealthy but tasty foods (TexMex and BBQ) and exciting but dangerous familial activities (Aaron and I fired a variety of weapons at a shooting range, including an M4, and you can buy inexpensive bottle rockets and packages of exploding mortars called “The 10 Banditos” which includes a warning in the package that reads: FLAMING BALLS OF FIRE WITH REPORT).

What more could you ask for in a reunion?

7-7-2010 090

7-7-2010 001


7-7-2010 194




7-7-2010 214

More pictures at flickr.

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Happy Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary

6-5-2010 023

Today is our wedding anniversary, but Holly and I skipped off to Portland for an early celebration a few days ago.

This lovely bud is from the International Rose Test Garden, which is a fun place to stomp around in the City of Roses, especially if it’s June and everything is in bloom and smelling good.

More pictures of the fun.

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The First Birthday of Jasmine

Jasmine’s party was last week, but she is officially one today. Happy birthday, nieta!

If the pictures on Facebook are any indication, Mom and Dad had a real barn burner of a birthday celebration. I saw miniature horses and pigs, goats and all kinds of fun stuff. I snagged these pictures to post here. Look how happy Tim looks! Carry has the most beautiful smile. Jassy is giving us the peace sign.

Many thanks for sharing the pictures, Carry.

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Memorial Day

12-16-2005 018, originally uploaded by tim_elhajj.

At Present Tense (past imperfect), we like to honor the veterans.

This is a picture of my son in the engine room of the USCGC Bayberry, from when he was stationed at Port Seattle. I like to think he’s giving the thumbs up to past and present veterans everywhere, especially his wife Carry, who I have heard Tim affectionately refer to as the CO.*

*That’s CO as in Commanding Officer, for all you non-miliatry types out there.

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Christmas in Death Valley


This is Holly at sunrise on some sand dunes in Death Valley.

We drove through the park on our way to see family in California. What a fun trip. And not without adventure. Our waterpump went out on the road, but lucky for us we broke down in one of the first towns past the desert.

More pictures here.

December is for Service

28-nov-09 059

November is for gratitude, but December is for service. If there is a better way to perform service than being a father, I can’t think what it might be.

Here is a picture of Tim and his daughter Jasmine, rolling around on the floor.

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A Serious Car Repair Question

So my old BMW Series 3 was creamed by a trash truck in the summer. I can still drive it. But it was too old to get repaired, so I frittered away the insurance money on whatever.

Now, however, I have a problem.

My trunk is filling up with water! Whenever it rains, the trunk fills with water. There is no drain plug to drain some parts of the trunk, particularly the little space behind the wheel well on the drivers side. How annoying is this?! It turns out that in the back fender that got smashed there is a little vent that normally vents the gas tank but the fender around this vent is now mangled in such a way that the vent is allowing water into my trunk at an alarming rate.

So. What are my options?

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Bail the trunk out every few nights.
  3. Jam a towel into the vent.

I tried option #1 for the longest time. But it did not work. Now the carpets in the backseat are soaked with water.

I tried option #2, but this is the Pacific Northwest and it’s rainy season. I can’t keep up!

I am now on my last option: #3.

However, the cold has descended onto the Pacific Northwest so now the towel is frozen in place. There are little ice stalagmites hanging from the bottom of the trunk hood. I have to pry the trunk up to look inside. There is so much moisture in the cabin of my car, I have to scrape the outside and the inside of my windshield to drive. Of course, this is all terrible. I am just going to get a new car.

Meantime, I have one question: Is there any chance that by plugging the vent to the gas tank with a frozen towel that the car might blow up, resulting in a fatality?

No really. Serious question here.

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Funny Faces

28-nov-2009 004

28-nov-2009 111

28-nov-2009 094

28-nov-2009 038

28-nov-2009 083

Is there anything more fun than baby faces?

Last weekend we finally went to Miami to see Jasmine. I just got a new phone with a camera, so I took a bunch of shots. More on flickr.

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