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Texas Vacation: Pictures for All Y’All to Look At

This was probably one of the best Huckeba family reunions ever.

The weather was great (once we got used to the suffocating Texas heat and humidity), Aaron and Kennedy managed to form great gender and age constellations with their cousins (some reunions include much bitterness and gnashing of teeth over who will get to hang out with the cool older cousins, but this year all the cousins seemed to be tipping the cool scales), and Texas holds just the right mix of unhealthy but tasty foods (TexMex and BBQ) and exciting but dangerous familial activities (Aaron and I fired a variety of weapons at a shooting range, including an M4, and you can buy inexpensive bottle rockets and packages of exploding mortars called “The 10 Banditos” which includes a warning in the package that reads: FLAMING BALLS OF FIRE WITH REPORT).

What more could you ask for in a reunion?

7-7-2010 090

7-7-2010 001


7-7-2010 194




7-7-2010 214

More pictures at flickr.

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Destination Seattle

9-26-2008 076

Holly and I took a little vacation last week.

We had our getaway all planed out, but we still hadn’t settled on a destination, even though my mother-in-law had arrived and it was the morning we were supposed to leave. I wasn’t looking forward to the long drive but had been lobbying half-heartedly for somewhere in Oregon, perhaps Ashland or somewhere along the coast. Holly suggested a few of our past haunts: Portland, or north to British Columbia. We even considered a little college town just before the Canadian boarder.

With the clock ticking, we finally settled on Seattle, which sounds like desperation but ended up feeling like a whole new town without the kids. We saw a show at the Paramount (Phantom of the Opera), did a reading at Eliott Bay Book Company and saw an exhibit at a local art school. Plus lots of good food and long walks.

I remember my mom and dad taking a trip on their own when I was about 7 or 8. When they got back, I asked Mom if she missed us. I fully expected her to tell me how badly she missed me and all my siblings, but instead she just looked at me for what seemed like a very long time.

Finally she said, “Yeah. I missed you.” I knew there was something she wasn’t telling me, but I couldn’t imagine her enjoying herself on her own. I completely understand that long silence now.

Here is Holly on the Harbor steps. I love those posts on the left, which somehow make the picture.

9-26-2008 001

Me hanging out at the Lusty Lady. Rome may be burning, but the Lady still has a sense of humor.

9-26-2008 002

9-26-2008 020

9-26-2008 034

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