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Texas Vacation: Pictures for All Y’All to Look At

This was probably one of the best Huckeba family reunions ever.

The weather was great (once we got used to the suffocating Texas heat and humidity), Aaron and Kennedy managed to form great gender and age constellations with their cousins (some reunions include much bitterness and gnashing of teeth over who will get to hang out with the cool older cousins, but this year all the cousins seemed to be tipping the cool scales), and Texas holds just the right mix of unhealthy but tasty foods (TexMex and BBQ) and exciting but dangerous familial activities (Aaron and I fired a variety of weapons at a shooting range, including an M4, and you can buy inexpensive bottle rockets and packages of exploding mortars called “The 10 Banditos” which includes a warning in the package that reads: FLAMING BALLS OF FIRE WITH REPORT).

What more could you ask for in a reunion?

7-7-2010 090

7-7-2010 001


7-7-2010 194




7-7-2010 214

More pictures at flickr.

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