Funny Faces

28-nov-2009 004

28-nov-2009 111

28-nov-2009 094

28-nov-2009 038

28-nov-2009 083

Is there anything more fun than baby faces?

Last weekend we finally went to Miami to see Jasmine. I just got a new phone with a camera, so I took a bunch of shots. More on flickr.

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2 thoughts on “Funny Faces

  1. Mama Furlan says:

    Isn’t she beautiful? So glad you, Holly, Aaron and Kennedy got to meet Jasmine.

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    She is just gorgeous!

    She doesn’t smile too often, so when you do see one, it makes you feel good, like you’re really seeing something. I love to hear her coo. She seemed to be intoxicated with her own voice, just making all these interesting little growls and coos. I have some video of her making her big girl voice. Plus I have more pictures, especially of her and daddy on the carpet. I’ll post soon.

    Thanks for having us down for Alex’s birthday! What fun to see everyone, especially your Mom and Jim. I’m sorry I missed Marcy.

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