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Welcome to the World: Jade Isabella Elhajj

Jade Isabella Elhajj: 6 pounds, 13 ounces, 19 inches. She arrived at South Miami Hospital this morning at 8:18 a.m.

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The First Birthday of Jasmine

Jasmine’s party was last week, but she is officially one today. Happy birthday, nieta!

If the pictures on Facebook are any indication, Mom and Dad had a real barn burner of a birthday celebration. I saw miniature horses and pigs, goats and all kinds of fun stuff. I snagged these pictures to post here. Look how happy Tim looks! Carry has the most beautiful smile. Jassy is giving us the peace sign.

Many thanks for sharing the pictures, Carry.

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Funny Faces

28-nov-2009 004

28-nov-2009 111

28-nov-2009 094

28-nov-2009 038

28-nov-2009 083

Is there anything more fun than baby faces?

Last weekend we finally went to Miami to see Jasmine. I just got a new phone with a camera, so I took a bunch of shots. More on flickr.

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Pictures of My Granddaughter





Awwwww. Cute as can be.

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Jasmine Olivia Elhajj!

Last night, June 13, 2009, at 2:23 A.M. (EST), Jasmine Olivia Elhajj arrived, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz.

This morning I woke up to a slew of messages on my cell phone, all of them from Timmy. In the messages from last night, he sounded giddy and excited; in this morning’s, he sounded sleepy but pleased.

We spoke a few hours ago and he filled me in on some of the details. Carrie is doing fine after a long and difficult labor, which she handled like a trouper. Tim found watching his child come into the world to be a very emotional experience. Jasmine sounds like a peaceful little girl. She’s pink, with little to no hair, and a cute little dimple under her chin.

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The Countdown Begins


Timmy and Carrie went to the hospital last night. When we found out, there was much revelry here in Washington. But I called a few hours ago and it looks like they ended up getting sent back home. The due date is still a few weeks out, so I guess this is fine, except that I am excited and can’t wait for news of the birth.

When we got the call from Tim, we were all in a pizza parlor getting ready to eat after seeing Up (which is as fabulous as everyone is saying it is). This was Holly’s celebratory birthday dinner, even though her birthday was this past Friday. I thought we had an eventful weekend, with Holly’s birthday, a couple of Little League baseball games and a school production of the Wiz.

But think how eventful Timmy and Carrie’s weekend must have been, with a race up RT 1 to get to the hospital.

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Memorial Day Weekend

The low down at my house this weekend:

5-25-2009 057

Lots of baseball, despite a sidelining injury.

5-25-2009 069

A weekend of close games.

5-25-2009 084

Finishing touches on the chicken coop.

5-25-2009 090

4-5-2009 061

Momma Carrie’s time is drawing near.

How exciting!

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Meet the Navarros

Here is Tim with Carrie, his new wife, and the Navarros, his in-laws. I am so proud of him. None of the older Navarros speak English, but that didn’t stop Tim from dancing and kissing all the women and hanging out and talking trash with all the men. I could have never done that in my twenties.

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The Littlest Elhajj of All


Very soon now, my son, Timmy, is going to be a father all his own. Here is one of the first pictures of his little one.

And the tummy you’re looking into belongs to Carrie, who I have heard a lot about and can’t wait to meet. When I found out she was pregnant, I got so excited I made Timmy put her on the phone and chat with me, which was probably the wrong thing to do, because she sounded sleepy. But she was kind and sweet to me, and we made small talk. I can’t wait to meet her.

I can’t wait to hold this little baby.

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