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Memorial Day Weekend

The low down at my house this weekend:

5-25-2009 057

Lots of baseball, despite a sidelining injury.

5-25-2009 069

A weekend of close games.

5-25-2009 084

Finishing touches on the chicken coop.

5-25-2009 090

4-5-2009 061

Momma Carrie’s time is drawing near.

How exciting!

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In Celebration of Weapons of Mass Destruction

5-3-2008 011

Aaron has a knack for hitting the ball. He’s so good, his nickname is A-bomb. He made it into the Little League All Stars this year, so earlier this month, we deocrated all our cars for the big tournament. Recently I’ve been getting strange looks at stop lights.

On my driver’s side rear window, I drew a little mushroom cloud and wrote, “GO A-BOMB!”

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Lightning Strikes Four Times: Aaron Gets Two More Unassisted Double Plays

Aaron is cleaning up this year. In yesterday’s last game of the regular season, he got another unassisted double play. I reported on his first and second unassisted double plays and he got one a third one I hadn’t reported for a grand total of four.

One thing is certain: He doesn’t get his superior athleticism from me.

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Web Gems Galore!

Aaron got another unassisted doubleplay last week. Woo!

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Aaron’s Web Gem: Unassisted Double Play

5-3-2008 002

Aaron is having a pretty good season.

Last week playing first base, he earned an unassisted double play. There was a boy on first and he was standing partway toward second. The batter hit a grounder to Aaron and he scooped it up and tagged (collided with really) the boy heading to second. After he made the tag, I watched his eyes get big and he raced over to first. At first, I didn’t get what was going on. Then I realized he was trying to for the double play.

He got to first base just a beat before the runner. I yelled so hard I embarrassed myself. His coach was so impressed he gave him two tickets to the Mariner’s game for Friday night.

Aaron took his mom.

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