Meet the Navarros

Here is Tim with Carrie, his new wife, and the Navarros, his in-laws. I am so proud of him. None of the older Navarros speak English, but that didn’t stop Tim from dancing and kissing all the women and hanging out and talking trash with all the men. I could have never done that in my twenties.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Navarros

  1. Mama Furlan says:

    What a beautiful couple!

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    I completely agree. What good looking kids! The baby is going to be a heartbreaker.

    It was fun seeing you, Ed and the kids, Mama Furlan! I enjoyed watching Eddie and Alex dance with Kennedy. She loved it, I know. Wow, Eddie is such a thoughtful young man. And Alex is a hoot! How fun to watch Kennedy and Alex hit it off so well. He was chasing her around the tables, as we were wrapping up, just having a good time.

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