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December is for Service

28-nov-09 059

November is for gratitude, but December is for service. If there is a better way to perform service than being a father, I can’t think what it might be.

Here is a picture of Tim and his daughter Jasmine, rolling around on the floor.

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Plenty to be grateful for this year.

This afternoon we took a little holiday trip to Seattle to hang out in the market, laugh at the fish monger’s antics, and then ride the carousel.

11-29-2008 053

11-29-2008 046

11-29-2008 022

11-29-2008 002

Thursday we had dinner at a friend’s house.

It was a collaborative effort, but we got off easy. Tamara, our good friend, made the bird and a ton of delicious food. I made tabbouleh and Holly made a string bean dish, but somehow we managed to bring mostly sweets. We were responsible for those cupcakes pictured below and there were pumpkin pies.

I had an excellent time. Aaron said it was one of his favorite thanksgivings ever.

11-28-2008 033

11-28-2008 022

11-28-2008 019

11-28-2008 017

11-28-2008 013

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