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Steps To Be Like Kennedy

4-29-2007 024

Three simple steps to be like Kennedy:

  1. Try to do everything perfectly with minimum input from adults, and then when things go less than perfectly (as we all know they must), you must ball your hands into fists, stalk stiff armed into the next room, and wail like a banshee.

  2. At four years old, you lie in bed scowling and miserable, and because your opinions about the world and yourself are formed primarily by the board books you read and the cartoons you watch, when your Daddy asks you how you feel, you tearfully answer, “I feel like a burglar, Daddy.

  3. On daycare drop offs, your brother may cry but you do not; instead you walk away from your parents with hardly a glance back,  seeking out and immediately charming one of your adult teachers, making sure your needs are always met.


What’s So Hard About Acting?

The hardest part of acting is learning not to giggle.

The best part about acting is forgetting your cue and then glancing over at your nine-year old daughter who is raising one eyebrow and waiting patiently for you to deliver your line. Kennedy has actually memorized all of her lines, my lines, and Aaron’s lines, too.

After prayers last night I told her that she was my favorite actress and that I wouldn’t even consider another acting project unless she were in it. We have one more week to go before our performance next weekend. Rehearsals are grueling, but necessary.

I can’t wait until I have free time again.

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Potter Mania Sweeps the House


It started with the release of the latest movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and has been building steadily ever since. I suppose the climax was midnight Friday night at our local bookstore, waiting to pick up our copy of, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Right now Aaron and Kennedy are both wearing white Oxford shirts and ties they’ve scrounged from somewhere in my closet. For weeks now they’ve been waving around bits of wood, shouting out spells at one another. Yesterday morning, I got Aaron to bring me coffee in bed by waving my index finger and saying, “Accio Coffee!”

The kids started reading the series just this year.

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Don’t Act Like That

I am participating in a local Youth Theater production with my nine year old twins. I have never tried to act before, but Kennedy, who has been in three different productions so far and is really coming into her own as an actress, roped me into this.

I couldn’t deny her.

We’re doing the Three Musketeers. There are some very good teenage actors as well as a bunch of children (age 7-10) and a few adults. The play itself is not very much like what Dumas wrote, but it’s filled with intrigue, sword fights, and the occasional damsel in distress.

One interesting thing about this setup is that, on stage, I am on equal footing with my kids. The director is the boss. This is kind of cool if my kids are goofing off because I can just ignore them and let the director be the heavy. If, on the other hand, I’m the one goofing off, then it’s just kind of pathetic. The other thing that’s interesting has to do with relating to teenagers. It’s hard to describe, but I realize I haven’t had much to do with teenagers since I was one.

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Kennedy Is From Venus, Aaron Is From Mars

5-11-2007 063

Kennedy has a much different approach to athletics than Aaron does. Here she is on the right, chatting up her defender in last night’s basketball game.

Aaron is a serious competitor. He plays so many sports our family tends to follow him around in the evenings, all throughout the year. Kennedy feels (understandably) slighted. Becoming involved in the local youth theater has helped, but this year Kennedy decided to try girl’s basketball. At her game last night I was thinking about how different she is from her brother.

Where Aaron is out to crush his opponents, Kennedy always tries to make friends with hers. At the break, Kennedy told Holly that this little girl had been a fish in the latest Youth Theater production, Thumbalina. Gushing with delight, Kennedy pointed out that she and her new friend were wearing the same number.

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The Great Summer Fort Project

5-8-2007 001

I am exhausted, but wiser.

I spent the weekend working on a fort I promised my daughter. I am terrible at these kinds of projects, so I rarely take them on. I don’t even own many tools. So why am I building a fort?

Here is how it happened: Last year I built a shed, which is really just a corrugated roof attached to the side of my house. Although it was a low stakes project, building it made me feel bold. In a weak moment, I promised Kennedy that we would build a fort this summer for her and Aaron. I immediately forgot all about it, but not Kennedy. Over the winter she occasionally reminded me. 

This past weekend, the rubber met the road.

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Crushing Third Graders

1-27-2006 021 

“I can’t sit with Zach, Daddy,” Kennedy says matter-of-factly.

I just agreed to take Zach across town to the Little League game at his mother’s request, so she could run an errand. He is on the same team as Aaron and all of them (Aaron, Kennedy, and Zach) are in the same third grade class. Having just finished our own early morning errand, the kids and I had stopped for a quick lunch at Quiznos before the game. Zach and Aaron immediately grabbed one of the tiny Quiznos tables. Zach’s parents sat at another table and Kennedy and I shared our own.

Leaning in conspiratorially, Kennedy whispers, “Zach loves me.”

“Really,” I say, raising my eyebrows.

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Live Long and Prosper

My daughter cracks me up.

She is eight years old and sometimes gets mixed up about things, but just blusters her way through. Lately she has been getting Catholicism and Star Trek confused. Sometimes she gives me the Vulcan hand greeting — palm up, fingers splayed — lowers her voice to a deep gravely tone and says, “Peace be with you, Daddy.”

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