Steps To Be Like Kennedy

4-29-2007 024

Three simple steps to be like Kennedy:

  1. Try to do everything perfectly with minimum input from adults, and then when things go less than perfectly (as we all know they must), you must ball your hands into fists, stalk stiff armed into the next room, and wail like a banshee.

  2. At four years old, you lie in bed scowling and miserable, and because your opinions about the world and yourself are formed primarily by the board books you read and the cartoons you watch, when your Daddy asks you how you feel, you tearfully answer, “I feel like a burglar, Daddy.

  3. On daycare drop offs, your brother may cry but you do not; instead you walk away from your parents with hardly a glance back,  seeking out and immediately charming one of your adult teachers, making sure your needs are always met.


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