Tagline Writing Contest

My blog is having an identity crisis.

I was never happy with calling this site, Tim Elhajj. Although pragmatic, it seemed somewhat clumsy and unimaginative. I tried to spice it up with a silly tagline — “white boy with a funny last name” or “another happy parent blogging about his kids” — but ultimately these didn’t satisfy either.

My wife suggested the title, Present Tense, and I love it. Holly is great with titles. My big project for the past two years has been writing my memoir (which is in present tense), but the name goes further than that, capturing the satisfaction I feel writing about the kids, my favorite movies, or even technology and my own unfortunate decisions. So here’s to Holly Huckeba!

But now I need a tagline and I could use some help.

If you can think of a good tagline that goes with the title, First Person, Present Tense, pop it into a comment or send it to me. I’m all ears. I am game for almost anything, but the funny ones will get the most attention.

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8 thoughts on “Tagline Writing Contest

  1. Your wife is right on track. Perfect for a writer,but it has other connotations as well, so it’s not limiting.

  2. So Tim. Your blog readers grow thin while you maintain your identity crisis. Move on, white boy!

  3. Tim Elhajj says:

    This white boy is holding out for the pefect tag line. 🙂

    Between last week’s travel and starting a new job this week, I haven’t had time for updates. Speaking of growing thin, I wish I were! I put on at least 5 lbs in Pennsylvania.

    I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but the 1st place prize in my tag line writing contest is my undying devotion. Get those entires in now!

  4. J Roebuck says:

    How about “Here and Now, and how!)

  5. sarah morgan says:

    Okay, Tim. I’ve been thinking about this. How about the
    tagline: Past Imperfect

  6. […] kudos to my good friend Sarah Morgan for coming up with an excellent tag line for this site, Past […]

  7. […] Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sarah Morgan has won my undying devotion! […]

  8. […] kudos to my good friend Sarah Morgan for coming up with an excellent tag line for this site, Past […]

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