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MTV Cribs Goes Coast Guard

MTV Cribs is the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for my son’s generation. Here he and a friend (roommate) do a little reality TV improv.

Despite all the fancy new electronics, barracks life doesn’t seem to have changed that much in the twenty five years since I was in the service.

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The Call of Jury Duty

I had jury duty yesterday and today.

I’ve done this about three time in the last few years and this time I was actually pre-selected for a case, along with 40 or 50 other people. But pre-selection doesn’t mean you’re on the hook for a trial. The attorneys first have to select the actual jurors from the pool of pre-selected people. All this was very new to me.

The prosecutor and the defense attorney took turns posing open ended questions to our group. It all felt very preliminary and I kept wishing we would get on with the process. Right after lunch I realized the opened ended questioning was the process. By the time I figured out what was going on, it was time for selection. When the prosecuting attorney excused me, I felt a little rejected, like I hadn’t made the cut. But then I remembered I didn’t want to spend the next few days involved in a trial, and I perked up.

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Caption Contest

For some reason, this picture cracks me up. You might have to be a gamer to get it.


Tagline Writing Contest

My blog is having an identity crisis.

I was never happy with calling this site, Tim Elhajj. Although pragmatic, it seemed somewhat clumsy and unimaginative. I tried to spice it up with a silly tagline — “white boy with a funny last name” or “another happy parent blogging about his kids” — but ultimately these didn’t satisfy either.

My wife suggested the title, Present Tense, and I love it. Holly is great with titles. My big project for the past two years has been writing my memoir (which is in present tense), but the name goes further than that, capturing the satisfaction I feel writing about the kids, my favorite movies, or even technology and my own unfortunate decisions. So here’s to Holly Huckeba!

But now I need a tagline and I could use some help.

If you can think of a good tagline that goes with the title, First Person, Present Tense, pop it into a comment or send it to me. I’m all ears. I am game for almost anything, but the funny ones will get the most attention.

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