What’s So Hard About Acting?

The hardest part of acting is learning not to giggle.

The best part about acting is forgetting your cue and then glancing over at your nine-year old daughter who is raising one eyebrow and waiting patiently for you to deliver your line. Kennedy has actually memorized all of her lines, my lines, and Aaron’s lines, too.

After prayers last night I told her that she was my favorite actress and that I wouldn’t even consider another acting project unless she were in it. We have one more week to go before our performance next weekend. Rehearsals are grueling, but necessary.

I can’t wait until I have free time again.

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2 thoughts on “What’s So Hard About Acting?

  1. You’ve got it with the karate kicks; I never had much luck with the deep knee bends. Aren’t you glad you’re a guy?

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