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A New BM2 in the House


Tim was recently promoted to boatswains mate petty officer second class, otherwise known as BM2. This is the new patch he will wear on his sleeve (if it’s not on his sleeve already).

With the baby on the way, this couldn’t have come at a better time. When Holly and I were down in Florida last month, we visited Tim and Carrie’s apartment. All of us were hanging out in the freshly painted nursery, and I heard Tim refer to Carrie as the CO. I laughed.

This is how I feel about Holly, too.

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Semper Paratus

12-16-2005 010

Timmy’s first year in the Coast Guard he was stationed at Port Seattle.

Last week Kennedy called me at work to ask if I knew any veterans. I reminded her about Timmy and my own tour of duty some thirty years ago. How quickly they forget. The fifth grade class was doing a Veteran’s Day celebration and each child was to announce their relationship to a veteran at an assembly of the entire student body. Kennedy was unimpressed with my peace time enlistment. God only knows what she believes Timmy is up to in the Coast Guard.

She ended up annoucing her nanny, Tanya who served in the Gulf with (I believe) the National Guard. Tanya was a life saver who helped us care for the kids when they were toddlers.

05-22-2004 035 

Aaron decided to announce me, despite the peace during my tenure in the Navy. I was very proud. I am also proud of Timmy who continues to keep our coasts safe.

Here are more pictures of Port Seattle.

12-16-2005 047

12-16-2005 046

12-16-2005 031

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