I did an interview with the good folks who are organizing the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat coming up in the spring. Check it out. I’m so excited about Wild Mountain. If you come, make sure to grab me and say hi!

wild mountain memoir retreat / MARCH 15TH-17TH, 2013 / Washington's Cascade Mountains

What if your first published personal essay were in the New York Times?  What if your memoir proposal was snatched up by a publisher in your first round of submissions?  Then, your name might be Tim Elhajj, author of Dopefiend: A Father’s Journey from Addiction to Redemption Tim talked to us today about how he came to memoir writing.  Looking forward to meeting up with him again at Wild Mountain in March!

Theo Pauline Nestor: How did you get started writing?

 Tim Elhajj: I loved to read when I was a boy but had a hard time imagining myself as someone would could pull a story together, much less a book. I went to college later than most and ended up in a fiction class taught by Alice Sebold. More than anything else, Alice gave me the sense that writing was a lifestyle. Not so much a profession…

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