Team Elhajj Swims at PNS

Kennedy trucking on the 200 free finals

This past weekend was spent at the impressive King County Aquatic Center in Renton. It was a grueling three days of swimming competition. I also got a new Windows phone with an app that can make animated gifs. The loop in this image pretty much captures what the weekend felt like for all of us.

It was a lot of swimming. And then we swam some more. But the weekend was not without its little moments of pleasure.


Kennedy was part of the girls freestyle relay team that first electrified the crowd. This is her and two of her teammates congratulating the anchor girl who is still in the water. Check out the exasperated hands-on-head look from one of the competitors in the next lane over.


And of course Aaron gave us all a little excitement. He won his 50 Free event and 200 IM. This is his sister and teammates cheering for him as he rounds the corner and switches from breast stroke to freestyle. I was so focused on getting a picture I didn’t realize how close he was to winning until I looked through the lens and saw the look of urgency on his sister’s face. I love how this shot captures the emotion of the race.


Aaron also injured himself in a thrilling last minute relay win. He basically sacrificed his arm to beat the boy in the lane next to him, overextending his elbow as he came into the wall. He had to go to the ER and missed the final day of the meet.

All weekend long complete strangers were coming up to me and congratulating me on my children.

Happy Dad

What a world!

More pics at flickr.

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