Brevity Magazine: Concise Literary Nonfiction


Brevity is another good venue for nonfiction writers.

Essays published on Brevity are 750 words or less. Flash nonfiction, a twist on flash fiction, which Wikipedia tells me has been popular for about twenty or more years, meaning it’s a form that’s really come into its own with the advent of the Web and (presumably) online journals. You won’t find too many journals devoted entirely to nonfiction, and fewer still are nonfiction journals that impose a word count on essays. I can think of only Brevity.

Brevity also has a blog, which is a good place to read about publishing opportunities for nonfiction writers, the latest nonfiction furor or book, and—best of all—brief blog posts from authors who appear in the latest issue of Brevity magazine. These author posts are my favorites, offering insight or commentary on some aspect of the published story—think of it as an author reading in print.

Dinty Moore (Between Panic and Desire and The Accidental Buddhist) is Brevity’s editor. Warm, generous, smart, Dinty has published some of my pieces, turned some other pieces down, and even helped me with my childhood memoir project, which I’m still hammering away on. He’s a great guy.

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8 thoughts on “Brevity Magazine: Concise Literary Nonfiction

  1. Susan Patterson says:

    Tim, I just read “What Kind of Father… and I really liked it…I can only imagine what’s it is like…I’m sure I would suffer and go through so much…right now I’m too tired to be articulate but will come back and read it again…

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    Hi Sue — thanks so much. It’s very satisfying for me to hear people are reading and enjoying my work!

  3. Ruth D~ says:

    Your work is definitely worth reading, Tim. Keep at it.

  4. Tim Elhajj says:

    Thank you Ruth! That’s very kind.

  5. Thanks for visiting the ole blog. I’m glad I visited back, as I found this nifty magazine. (I love flash fiction.) Cheers.

  6. Tim Elhajj says:

    William, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I was delighted to find your blog this morning. I enjoy meeting anyone who lives in the town where I grew up.

  7. joel montague says:

    Greetings , Have written a couple of books ( published ) but nothing so short.. only about 15 lines
    My writer pal says says I should send it to Brevity .. How do I do that ?

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