Don’t Cry for Me


Just before Christmas, I joined a health club and started a rigorous weight reduction program. I’m thirty-five pounds lighter than I was in December.

Where did it all go?

Fitness centers are strange places. This one has dozens of sexy young trainers all dressed in the same uniform (dark blue sweat suits). It’s also a very big club, with long, double-wide corridors that seem to go on endlessly. As you walk from one huge room to another, all the trainers smile their big toothy smiles and nod their handsome heads.

Sometimes, striding through the club, it feels as if I’m stuck in an episode of Star Trek.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Cry for Me

  1. sarah morgan says:

    Thirty-five pounds is a LOT, Tim. Congratulations! Watch out for the babes at the club.

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    I have been trying to lose twenty pounds (on doctors orders, no less) for the last eight years. As it turns out, it’s not that hard, if you’re willing to forgo processed and fast foods, eat lean meats, and snack on mostly veggies.

  3. That was quick! Why doesn’t it work that way for women? Congratulations.

  4. […] go to visit my cardiologist this morning. I’m excited because the last time I saw him, I was 35 lbs. heavier. When I mention this, he ignores me. He’s an odd bird. I repeat myself, thinking he might […]

  5. Tim Elhajj says:

    Ruth, it’s because men are often bigger, with more lean muscle mass. That said, Holly lost almost as much as me!

    We’re just two wild weight loss animals. Grrrow!

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