Ultimate Humiliation: A Bunny-hopping Injury

I went to play laser tag yesterday with another dad and my kids. We ended up playing with a dozen other strangers, one of which was a teenager who started vigorously bunny-hopping when I tried to target him. Something about this kid immediately pissed me off. Not sure why, but I took a strong dislike to him that goes beyond mere bunny-hopping. We were in a game where hits were undervalued so I just walked up to him, held my laser inches from his high value shoulder sensor, and repeatedly knocked him out, his bunny-hopping be damned. This went on for about two or three minutes until he moved on.

I felt deeply satisfied with myself. So satisfied that I then attempted my own bunny-hop. I didn’t realize it, but I was standing on a slight incline. In a blaze of karmic glory, my 215 lb frame came down hard on my ankle, twisting it unmercifully.

My ankle hurts so bad I had to take off work today. There is little to no swelling. Do you use ice or heat for a twisted ankle?

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Humiliation: A Bunny-hopping Injury

  1. ar kay tee says:

    Sorry to hear that you twisted your ankle, but I’m glad that it was when you were doing something fun. Definitely use ice because it’s swelling and you want to keep the inflamation down. Also, keep it propped up so that the blood doesn’t keep it swelled, either. Hope that you’re feeling back to your normal bunny-hopping self soon 🙂

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    No more bunny hopping for this lad.

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