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A Poem for my Wife on Her Birthday

4-13-2009 026

You said we could refinance the house and
lower our monthly. I was skeptical. No way
will they lower our rate. Turns out, happens
all the time.

You said we needed new kitchen appliances
and I gasped. How can we afford it? Now
we have the cheerful ring of the timer, the
smell of oven soft bread. One wonders why
we waited so long.

You said we ought to get a dog or maybe
some chickens. I sneezed into my hankie.
Allergies! And now I can’t imagine life
without my poop-rolling little buddy. And
those clucking birds are certainly

You said we ought to have a child.

This was in Yosemite, before we were
married. You said you’d raise the child on
your own, if I would just do my part. I
laughed. That’s when I fell in love with you.
I knew a girl like you’d take me places I’d
never been.

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