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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Nicest One of All?

Tonight I find a Word file on my desktop named, “Kennedys the nicest.doc.” Sometimes the kids forget and log on to my desktop. No big deal. 

I open the file and find the following pie chart that graphs the niceness quotient of my family:


If you can’t read the key, all you really need to know is that Kennedy is the big green piece. It’s an active pie chart, which I’m not even sure I know how to make.

If you look at the stats that drive the chart, Kennedy is a 2000 on the niceness scale, while Holly is a respectably close 1999.  Aaron and I fared much worse.

Under the chart, the text reads:

“As you can see here, I am the nicest person here.”

I love that girl.

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