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RIP: Don Mummert (1982-2009)


Bear died in a motorcyle accident over the holiday.

He was the father of two and a firefighter. Not much older than Timmy. How sad.

Mom said he wasn’t drinking and had his helmet on. Makes no sense. Don has been riding motorcycles since he was 4 years old.

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Obama in the House

Looks like Barack Obama has a lot of support from my hometown. This is video of him, stumping in Steelton, at the local Steelworkers union hall over the weekend.

He is right about how the little towns, like Steelton, have been passed over economically for the past 25 years. But looking at the polls, he has his work cut out for him in Pennsylvania. I called my brothers and sisters to drum up some support, but nobody was home. Hopefully everyone was down on Front Street, cheering for Barack.

Reading about the news, I noticed that Steelton’s former mayor, George Hartwick, endorsed Obama for president earlier today. Here at Present Tense we endorsed Barack late last month.

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