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Edward Hopper at the SAM

I invited Kennedy to go see the Hopper exhibit at the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) today.

She got more excited over this than I imagined she would. In anticipation of our date this afternoon, she woke up at 2 AM. Holly had to send her back to bed at 5:30 AM. Needless to say, when we finally got to the SAM this afternoon, she was low energy. They only had a few Hoppers on display and Nighthawks–my favorite–was not among them.

Kennedy and I enjoyed what was there. We also enjoyed the lobby of the SAM, which has some crazy sculpture of cars flipping through the air.


We had a snack in the restaurant. I tried to imagine Kennedy as a girl in a Hopper painting.

11-26-2008 029

11-26-2008 018

11-26-2008 015

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