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Present Tense Endorses Barack Obama


Have you read the speech Obama delivered in Philadelphia last week? I’ve got the full text posted after the jump. I read it this morning after seeing Sarah Churchwell’s response in today’s morning paper.

I am certainly glad I read both. Present Tense heartily endorses Barack Obama for president!

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City of Brotherly Love



When we go back east to visit my folks, we like to show the kids a different city. Last week it was Philadelphia.

After I finished taking the shot above, I looked up and saw a young man chatting with Holly and the kids. When I got closer, I realized he was asking for money. 

I rarely give money on the street, but I didn’t want to cut him off, so I waited for him to finish his story. It was a pitiful story and he ended it with a plea for a few dollars. Before I could decline, Aaron chirped, “Sure!” and started rummaging through all his pockets. That’s what I love so much about Aaron: empathetic to a fault.

Both Holly and I just looked at him. The panhandler looked at him. There was a pregnant pause. Aaron looked up at us looking at him and said, “Isn’t anyone else going to give this guy some money?”

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