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Yard Work is Hard Work

4-26-2008 004

I taught Aaron how to mow the lawn two weeks ago. He was excited. That was two weeks ago. This week his excitement seems somewhat diminished, but now I’m excited. It’s much easier to get the lawn done with his help. I’m paying him five bucks (a five dollar buck, as he calls it) for the front and the back (roughly 2000 square feet).

If you’re paying your child more, please just keep it to yourself. 

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Fort Project: The Grand Finale

4-20-2008 002 

I put on the rail last week (between hail storms).

The fort project took just under a year to complete, but it’s finally done, and I’m happy with the results. The kids are pleased. Holly is pleased. Dad is exhausted!

Kidding. After all, I took a year to finish.

Here is a guided tour:

4-20-2008 006

Inside, looking toward the front porch, with escape hatch.

4-20-2008 003

Looking up the hatch.

4-20-2008 031

The main entrance.

4-20-2008 014

Looking down the rope ladder.

4-20-2008 038

The view from the hammock.

4-20-2008 040

The long climb.

All I can say is I must have wanted one of these when I was a kid. Otherwise, why would I have spent some much time and energy building it?

What a fun project!

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