Yard Work is Hard Work

4-26-2008 004

I taught Aaron how to mow the lawn two weeks ago. He was excited. That was two weeks ago. This week his excitement seems somewhat diminished, but now I’m excited. It’s much easier to get the lawn done with his help. I’m paying him five bucks (a five dollar buck, as he calls it) for the front and the back (roughly 2000 square feet).

If you’re paying your child more, please just keep it to yourself. 

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4 thoughts on “Yard Work is Hard Work

  1. I’ll never tell. Our kids mowed for the privilege of having a roof over their heads. :>)

  2. Tina says:

    Hey–next time you and the family go East to see us, I’ll teach Aaron to drive Steve’s Scagg zero-turning radious lawn tractor. Personally, I’ve only mastered the straight -aways, I leave the hills and close cutting for the big boys–that would be Steve. I’ll have to bring up about me getting $5 everytime I mow the straight aways–I think it’s a great idea! LOL

  3. sarah morgan says:

    Hey, Tim. How old is Aaron, anyway? He looks about… oh, I won’t say. $5 seems like plenty to me, but then I’m such a tightwad.

    My mother had a Garden Party for us kids once. Once; that’s the only time we fell for it. It turned out to be a garden *cleaning* party. Not much fun. Kids can make any work seem harder than hard time. Have fun this summer! (Note the exclamation point.) s

  4. Tim Elhajj says:

    I think $5 is pretty good for a kid his age (10 years-old), but I’m rubbing elbows with the affluent right now. A few years back one of Aaron’s friends from church said he got $20 from the tooth fairy. For an ordinary molar!

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