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Huckeba Sager Hood River Family Reunion

Every other year my mother-in-law and her sister organize a family reunion at a different destination. This year it was in Oregon’s Hood River valley.

We had a great view of Mount Hood from our front porch.

7-19-08 042 

The Colombia River wasn’t a far drive.

7-19-08 010

We hiked up Beacon Rock, which has a lot of man-made switchbacks, rails, and bridges and looks a lot like a pachinko machine.

7-18-08 020

 Some of us leapt into adventure on Hood River.

7-21-08 054

7-21-08 057

Others of us were content to sit on the sidelines.

7-21-08 014

7-21-08 035

Never disparage the sidelines. You never know what sights you might see. This woman and her three cattle dogs stole my imagination.

7-21-08 013

But the highlight of these sort of things is always meeting family and friends for a few days.

7-19-08 049

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