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Gary Presley in the New York Times

My writing group companion and friend Gary Presley has a Modern Love essay appearing in the New York Times this week. Congratulations Gary!

It’s a real winner. Here’s a little taste:

And so it was that the man in a wheelchair, sardonic and standoffish, and the vibrant young woman who loved science and worried over how she would support her sons, developed an odd connection, a link to a place where hands might touch, but thoughts and feelings and emotions began to flicker like lightning beyond the horizon.


Do you have your own Modern Love story you want to submit to the New York Times? Here’s how you might go about it.

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Gary Presley, Author of 7 Wheelchairs, a Life Beyond Polio, Interviewed on Iowa Public Radio

My friend Gary Presley’s interview on Iowa Public Radio is live. Gary wrote, 7 Wheelchairs, a Life Beyond Polio, which just recently came to press, so now he is doing the marketing thing. I am reading my copy of his book right now.

I also recently got a phone call from Elliott Bay Book Company here in Seattle to say that they just got the book in. I was downtown last week and noticed they didn’t have it, so I asked them to order me a copy, even though I already had mine from Amazon. I’ll sleep easier knowing that a qaulity book store like Elliott Bay has Gary’s book on its shelves.

You can check out the streaming version of the interview or download the podcast.

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