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My Dad is My Hero: Tributes to the Men Who Gave Us Life, Love, and Driving Lessons


Susan Reynolds just wrote to tell me that the anthology of stories about fathers with an excerpt from my childhood memoir is available on Amazon now. It’s not going to be available until May 18, but you can always do your Father’s Day shopping early.

I just realized I get to buy someone a Father’s Day gift this year!

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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Weed Whacker

More love shark, compliments of Coca Cola Zero at Qt3.

Becuase it’s funny (and I love 70s movies), the header for this post was shamlessly stolen from Brad Grenz.

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The Love Shark

When Aaron was five, he drew the image that appears in my new header for Father’s day. I have always loved it. The gang over at Qt3—especially Coca Cola Zero and Fugitive—helped me turn it into a nice looking banner. Thanks guys!

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