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Company Picnic

I took the kids to the company picnic yesterday. Thirty-thousand geeks, 3 days in July, 1 farm nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountains: Big fun. 

The afternoon started off with motorcycle daredevils on a twenty foot ramp.

7-21-08 001 

The sky grew dark, but no daredevils were lost.

7-21-08 007

The children were impressed.

7-21-08 006

In boot-camp, they said the smoking lamp was lit and it meant you could have a cigarette whenever you wanted to light up. The first time I heard it, I wanted to know where this lamp was. I wanted to keep my eye on it. On the way to the park, I told the kids that if they ate a good lunch, the soda lamp was lit for the rest of the afternoon. Both their eyes got big as cans of pop. Neither asked to see the actual lamp.

7-21-08 021

We played games.

7-21-08 035

7-21-08 040

7-21-08 048

We waited in lines.

7-21-08 061

Went on rides.

7-21-08 067

7-21-08 081

7-21-08 096

And then the soda lamp was extinguished.

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