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Quick Trip to Miami


Miami was a heck of a lot of fun. I thought it might be similar to San Diego or LA, but it’s a much different feel. More tropical. The birds outside our hotel sounded like the jungle noise you hear in the movies. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale, which was a little off the beaten path for seeing Tim and Carry, but a very beautiful place to be in its own right.

This was the view off the balcony of our room:


Private beach at our hotel:



They had these permanent, collapsible beach tents installed on the beach. I haven’t seen them in Jersey, Delaware, or anywhere here on the West Coast. You put them up and huddle inside and it feels like you’re in a big conch shell. Especially cool at night, under the stars.



Me giving Aaron sand boobs. You probably shouldn’t do this to a kid in puberty, but he took it like a mensch.


Ed, Tim’s step-dad, took us all out to eat an awesome Cuban place in South Beach.




South Beach is notable for having mannequins in retail windows with enormous breasts. You would think just my eleven year old son would notice a detail like this, but these mannequin breasts grabbed me and my wife’s attention, too. What a zoo! I love Cuban food. I have to get one of those little Cuban espresso makers.

I have more to post about the wedding, but I am still collecting my thoughts and fighting off a cold. It was a very happy, joyus occasion, and I want to pass on as much of it as I can for those who couldn’t make it.

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