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9-14-2008 016

I went to the company meeting yesterday. Steve Ballmer reminds me of one of the uncles on my mother’s side of the family. He talks loud, has a good sense of humor, and plenty of passion. I can easily imagine him sitting at the kitchen table with a bottle of beer and a red face, discussing the Rollers’ upcoming fate, deriding the coaches, or extolling teams from the past.

I like the new advertising campaign. I got my first PC in the early 90s. It was a 386, with so little RAM you could count it on your fingertips. What a step up from my electronic typewriter! When I installed Windows 3.11, I remember getting a cramp in my shoulder trying to figure out how to operate the mouse.

Now I find I can’t get by without at least three PCs at home. I have four at work (not counting virtual machines). Sometimes Holly says she wants a Mac. She thinks everything will be easier if she gets a Mac.

I tell her, You don’t want a Mac.

She may be right. Everything may very well be easier on a Mac, but when things go wrong (as we all know they must), I will not be able to help.


Becasue I’m a PC!

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