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Tim Elhajj in The Yalobusha Review

I got my copy of The Yalobusha Review in the mail last night. My story 20/20 appears in this volume, and I couldn’t be more excited. This is the first paper bound literary magazine where my work has been published. I was looking it over at lunch today and feel proud to be in the same magazine with such great writers and such good work.

I’ve reprinted 20/20 on this site, so you can have a look.

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Page of True Stories

4-8-2007 016

I added a page to the site where I can showcase my writing.

I added one new piece and put some links top stuff I’ve already discussed in other posts. The title of the new essay is 20/20. This one earned kind comments from an editor who rejected it. I hope you like it.

On the new page, I’ve got links to the New York Times article and to my essay on Brevity. I believe my Brevity story is going to come down at some point, so I thought I’d get some other stuff posted. I added two stories from my childhood memoir project that I previously posted, but now on pages of their own. 

Things still looks a little sparse, so I’ll try and get some other stuff up soon.

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Close, But So Far

1-5-2008 008

I almost got one past the editors over at Brevity.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I got the rejection slip on Valentine’s Day, but was pleased to see that the editor, Dinty Moore, said my story (20/20) had been “deliberated carefully and enjoyed.” 

Today I spent a good part of the morning and early afternoon submitting more of my work. You have to expect rejection. Competition is tough. You have to revel in even being considered.

It’s only a matter of time.

And submissions.

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