Free DOPEFIEND giveaway at 80,000 words


My friend and fellow blogger, writer, and an all around extraordinarily great person to know, Christine Lee Zilka is holding a free giveaway of Dopefiend on her blog!

I met Christine through a comment she made on one of this blog’s posts. I followed her to her blog, 80,000 words, where I learned she had first ever story, Bile, had been published by Howard Junker in Zyzzyva (now available on the web). I added her to my Facebook profile where she turned me onto Sugar, an advice columnist on The Rumpus (then a secret identity, now known to all as the amazing Cheryl Strayed), whose columns I can no longer read at work, because they always leave me a tearful mess.

Not long ago Christine pointed out to me that the Kindle version of Dopefiend was no longer available on Amazon (a problem the publisher has since addressed) and I wrote her back, thanking her pointing out the problem, and asking for her address, so that I could send her a signed copy of the book. She said she’d be honored. I really believe it’s powerful to send out copies of the book to the really good writers who have turned me on to other really good writers or whose writing has inspired me. Christine does all of that for me.

And then she said we ought to do a giveaway. She bought her own copy of Dopefiend to give away. It makes perfect sense. I’m so excited. I have no explanation for why I haven’t done my own giveaway sooner. Probably because I needed to watch Christine in action on her blog. She’s done a lot of giveaways and it shows in the thoughtful the Dopefiend giveaway post she created for this event. I hope you’ll visit her blog. I hope you win a copy of DOPEFIEND. Know that even if you don’t win this time, I’m going to do a few more giveaways of my own later this summer. I really like the idea of giving a few books away.

If you go to Christine’s blog, I can promise you an absolutely adorable picture of a Wiener Dog named Scarlet reading DOPEFIEND! Scarlet actually looks very intent on what she’s reading. I imagine she must be at one of the good parts.

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