God Bless Holly Huckeba

God bless my wife and best friend Holly Huckeba, who yesterday did convince me to manhandle and operate a rented drain auger to open up our clogged laundry drain, even though I was initially very much opposed to this plan, and did complain loudly, and with much bitterness and consternation, and did say that I thought it would never work (though not in an Eeyore voice, nor with any little rain clouds floating over my head).

Indeed, this course of action was MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than any previous course of action and as a direct result of this drain clearing success, I am feeling VERY BUTCH today.


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One thought on “God Bless Holly Huckeba

  1. Holly Huckeba says:

    You earned that Butch Badge, pal. It turned out the job required MUCH MUSCLE, and you definitely flexed yours to get it done.

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