Book of Eli

Book of Eli surprised and delighted me.

Understand: I love me some postapocalyptic, dystopian, nightmare movie. Book of Eli has plenty of the requisite violence, flair, and visual style this sort of movie calls for. But it’s also a thoughtful movie about the power of faith, and the way religion can be a saving grace in one man’s life, even while it drives another man to war. The last 15 minutes had me holding my breath for fear the movie was going to careen of its tracks, but it holds up to the end. Just a brilliant ending that makes you want to watch again.

Go see it.

I know (kinda, sorta) Gary Whitta, the guy who wrote the screenplay for Book of Eli. We posts on a message board with a bunch of other writers and geeks. So naturally a bunch of the guys in my area got together to see the movie on its opening night. Meanwhile, there were similar groups doing the same thing in Rochester, Las Vegas, San Francisco and probably a few other places, too. I love that kind of community. This is an example of the Internet is at its best.

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One thought on “Book of Eli

  1. […] The Book of Eli – I expected zombies, but I found myself surprised and delighted with this story. I know the guy who wrote the screen play for this — if you consider occasionally being mocking me on the internet, the same as “knowing” somebody — so maybe I’m just biased. […]

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