Watchmen has fascinating characters, an interesting alternate time-line, and stunning visuals. It’s also got a kooky plot, gratuitous gore, and it goes on for well over two hours. But for me, the good far outweighed the bad: I saw it last night and really enjoyed myself.

I was not familiar with the comic book series, but I am planning on picking up a bound copy to see if it’s something Aaron and I might enjoy reading together.

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4 thoughts on “Watchmen

  1. Tim Elhajj says:

    I have been hearing about the missing squid and can’t decide what’s more amusing: using a large squid as a plot element or the nerd outrage at its absence in the movie. I have got to see this comic!

    I love your site, FBT. Did you create the artwork you have posted or is it a scan from the comic? It’s very imaginative and colorful.

  2. Bradley says:

    I’m a big fan of the original comic book, but I don’t think I liked the movie as much as you did. Frankly, I think Zack Snyder got as much out of the book as I did the first time I read it– in the seventh grade. The book itself is much more nuanced and… well… mature, I think.

    And it’s got a giant squid. And the giant squid is, suprisingly enough, not silly.

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