Of Grizzled Hearts and 50,000 Volts

This is my brother at work.

This remarkable video came from a manned surveillance camera that just happened to be shooting in the right direction during the arrest. Pure coincidence.

Once all the overlay text stops, you can see a gold truck pull up at the top right. This truck is filled with police. The little Nissan in the middle of the screen also has a solo cop driving. This cop has a taser. The guy racing on foot is the bad guy. If this video had an audio track, you would hear the cop in the Nissan screaming out his window, “Stop police!” But, of course, there is no audio so it feels like an old Charlie Chan movie, with pratfalls.

My brother is pure awesome.

If you were wondering where the “grizzled heart” line came from, this was how I described this very same brother last month on the Brevity blog. I am just glad the cops didn’t have tasers when I was boosting sneakers from the Harrisburg East Mall.

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3 thoughts on “Of Grizzled Hearts and 50,000 Volts

  1. Jr. says:

    I would give a whole months pay check to be sitting in the passenger seat of that little rice burner when this went down! Hahahha That fool never had a chance!! He prolly thought whats this hoopty doing running along side me….BWAAABAAAM 50,000!!!! I love it. My man, Pure Awesome, I second that!!!

  2. Troy says:

    Hey Tim,
    You certainly have a way with words … thanks for thinking so highly of me.
    I do have to work on tenderizing the grizzled heart though … hahaha

  3. Tim Elhajj says:

    Troy, what a great video. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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