Christmas Trip to California


We’re back home, as of last night. What a trip!

Three weeks ago, Holly took the kids to California. The plan was for me to get some work done and then follow on the weekend. But then Seattle got socked in with snow. I went to the airport three times and purchased five one way tickets before I finally made it down there with them. What an adventure! I am still fighting to get a refund from Virgin America, who took advantage of my plight and are only offering a credit. With the lousy economy, I hope they don’t go belly up before I can use the ticket.

I met up with Holly and the kids so late, I decided drive back with them instead of flying. I wouldn’t have been able to get much work done anyhow: the campus (as well as most of Seattle) was mostly shut down due to weather. Seattle grinds to a halt with an inch or two of snow. We had over a foot.

I enjoyed the time off. We took the kids to Disneyland, Hollywood, both of Holly’s parent’s house, Portland and numerous hotels between here and there.

Dec-29-2008 006

Holly and the kids outside of our Long Beach hotel. Aaron is wearing his Haunted Mansion hat from Disneyland.


We went sightseeing in Hollywood. The kids were amazed that Hollywood was even real.  Once they got a load of Hollywood and Vine, they were less so.


Holly’s Dad, Wild Bill.


The decorations on this house cracked me up. If you look closely, you can see Santa just kicked an extra point in the far goal (It’s good!). Around the corner (not shown) is a life-size nativity scene.


No trip to California is complete without a celebratory drop into Powell’s book store in Portland on the return leg. We can never get out of Powell’s without and armload of books.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Trip to California

  1. angie says:

    tim, im checking your page per your invitation! and im finding it amazing to learn you can read now. when did that happen? haha. nice page. nice family. it looks like things are good.

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    Things are good indeed. Thanks for stopping by Angie. Tell your folks about my little corner of the Web. Stop back yourself.

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