Stock Market Troubles

The stock market news is making me crazy.

I know that every ten years or so there is a big scandal and the market is rocked. In the 80s, it was Michael Milken and junk bonds. I was using drugs and cheering for the system to come tumbling down. In the 90s, it was Enron. I had no money, didn’t care. But now I have a house. I just got a raise. I have a stake, people! 

I keep asking Holly if I should withdrawal all our money from the bank. She says, Do whatever.

But where would we put it? Tomorrow my goal is to stop watching the news. And stock tickers.

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One thought on “Stock Market Troubles

  1. s says:

    Ya know, I think you can lay all of this (I will, anyway) at the feet of one Screen Actor’s Guild president from California and 40th president of the U.S., Ronald W Reagan, and his voodoo economics. There have been 25 years of this bullshit and it’s time the Republican Party took responsibility for their policies. As my father says: “There was a goddamned good reason for regulation when it was enacted years ago.” Amen to that!

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