Drama in the Deep End

Aaron and Kennedy are playing water polo this year. Above is Aaron getting pulled as Kennedy guards the goal at the deep end.

Watch what happens.

The opposing team takes a shot and Kennedy propellers (this is what they call moving your feet to gain elevation in water polo) herself up to block. Aaron watches with mild concern.

water polo

The block is good. Aaron exults.

water polo

Kennedy acts like there was never any doubt, but I know she loves hearing her brother cheer for her.


water polo

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2 thoughts on “Drama in the Deep End

  1. […] it turned out my dad had taken a picture of me saving the goal, he took another picture of me and Aaron shouting at each other (after the goal) in a good natured, […]

  2. Sabra says:


    Your story is soooooooo good…if I’d been there, you would have heard me cheer above everyone else. It felt like I was there, reading your story.

    Love from your GrandMama

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