Tim Elhajj in Modern Love

07-05-2005 (197)

I have an essay appearing in the New York Times this weekend. I wrote this one right after Timmy graduated high school, and we took all the kids to New York City that summer (that’s Timmy in Central Park).

Earlier this year I came across the essay on my thumb drive, cleaned it up, and sent it to my writing group, who then helped me hammer out the rough edges. I’m still a little amazed Modern Love picked it up.

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7 thoughts on “Tim Elhajj in Modern Love

  1. sarah morgan says:

    Well… there it is and it looks SOOOO nice in print in the Bigs. Many many congratulations, Tim. You earned it with this one! Happy Dad’s Day, too.

  2. Timmy says:

    hahhaha…I think New York Times has to be the Big Leagues for writers…Am i right??? Your Doin big things popps… What a great story…I was laughing so loud, They almost threw me out of Starbucks….hahahha….Tears in my eyes laughing…Brings back memories…your awesome my man, from your biggiest fan…hahahaha

    7 and 7/8 hahahhahaha

  3. They were smart to publish it, I think. A great story. Excellent how well it sets up the ending — not a twist ending either — nearly inevitable but still surprising. Very funny. I was wondering what you’re son though it.

  4. Tim Elhajj says:

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your support.

    Arguably the best part of the day yesterday was hearing from Timmy (above), my biggest fan, who shared with me that he still owns that over sized Yankees’ hat.

    I’m getting email from all over, from people I haven’t seen or heard from in years. It’s good to find a little success.

  5. sarah morgan says:

    When you come down from Cloud-Nine to cloud-eight, or seven, remember to make a pdf of that publication and stick in your files. That way when you need a clip for… oh, The Washington Post, say, you have one. They look very nice and are handy to have on hand. Don’t forget to back them up too.

    Congratulations again, Tim. Great job, and on Dad’s Day too.

  6. Tim Elhajj says:

    My word. I’m not sure I even know how to turn a newpaper article into a PDF.

  7. I’m so glad this broke the ice. From here on in you’re laying the groundwork for the memoir– all the pre publication publicity platform, and stuff. Great story, Tim, and nice to see Timmy liked it too.

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