iTouch You Once, iTouch You Twice, I Just Got an iPod at the Retail Price


I am so happy with my new iPod!

It’s one of those fancy new ones that you operate using just your finger. Although I have only had mine for about a week, I find I touch it every day. On Holly’s iPod I mostly listened to podcasts, especially NPR’s This American Life and Fresh Air. But last night I was up until all hours of the morning fooling with my MP3 files in iTunes. Something about an MP3 collection really brings out the obsessive compulsive disorder in me.

Today I upgraded my Tivo software so that I can transfer television shows to my iPod. I rarely watch TV, but I like keeping up with my current favorites, like Office and Heroes. The Tivo software is a bit of a Rube Goldberg contraption, especially if you want to put video from the PC onto the device, but I finally figured it out. The screen is a little small for subtitle text, so the Japanese sequences in the Heroes season premiere were a challenge, but I was mostly able to follow along. Music videos really shine.

The interface is awesome. I love the pinch zoom, especially for photographs. My fingers are a little fat to do some web pages easily, but the wireless iTunes store is easy to navigate and generally very slick. I can see using wireless for quick look ups and reading pages, but updating my blog or sending e-mail goes better on the computer.

I wouldn’t even have this if Holly hadn’t suggested it and then pretty much insisted.

Thank you, buddy! You’re the best.


4 thoughts on “iTouch You Once, iTouch You Twice, I Just Got an iPod at the Retail Price

  1. Cool! I have the new old fashioned iPod. But I got it free for buying a new computer. Free? Well, sort of.

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  3. […] but I am sure I’ll check it out before Christmas. I’m certinly a PC, but I have been known to go into the Mac store from time to time. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new Microsoft stores stack […]

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