My Father’s Summers: A Daughter’s Memoir


Kathi Appelt created a memoir entirely of short, evocative word poems. Her theme is the loneliness and longing she felt for her father as a teenager. All of her poems build on this main theme and only rarely do some of the poems feel a little forced. Some of the poems are quite good, but I like this memoir mostly because it’s so different. Not all memoir has to be a straight story, and I applaud her for trying something so difficult and managing to pull it off so well.

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3 thoughts on “My Father’s Summers: A Daughter’s Memoir

  1. I’d love to get this from the library, but our town library closed because of lack of funding, if you can imagine! Is it worth buying?

  2. Tim Elhajj says:

    I hate to hear about underfunded libraries, or libraries going under. We had no library where I grew up. We had something called a book-mobile, which was a bus that had been converted into a library. The bus driver/librarian watched you like a hawk as you perused the books from the single aisle. It was so demeaning.

    I always check books out using the library. If I like them a lot, I purchase them for my shelf, even if they’re still in hardback. Sometimes I wait for them to appear in paperback. The good news about Appelt’s book is that it’s been out for awhile and is now available in paperback; hence affordable. I plan to add it to my collection.

  3. Tim Elhajj says:

    From the Amazon link above: “48 used & new available from $0.01”

    So that’s even more good news. And if you purchase it using the link from my site, I get ~4% of that penny. 🙂

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