RIP: George Kolarac (1935 – 2007)

George Kolarac, my mother’s brother, died earlier this week. This is on the heels of the death of his brother, Sam, and his sister, Carol, which all happened in the last 6 months. Poor Mom! Her family is collapsing all around her.

I called her up this morning and she was typical Mom, tough as nails. I know I ran into George at the last wedding or picnic, but I remember him best from when I was a kid. Huge, barrel-chested man, with a massive head, like an upturned bucket resting on his shoulders. Mom told me he played high school football for Bishop McDevitt. My first thought was how could they afford McDevitt? Turns out he won a scholarship. His obit says he played in the 1953 Orange Bowl for Maryland. I suppose his athletic ability is his legacy, but I remember him best for his big laugh and gentle spirit.

So long Uncle George!


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